Lore Hound MMOcast: Episode 8

  • Celestial Steed contest almost complete.
  • Short Story (manga) contest now live.
  • Started our StarCraft 2 coverage. It’s here to stay.
  • BlizzCon tickets on sale soon.
  • LEGO Universe available for pre-order!
  • Marvel Super Heroe Squad Online announced.
  • Runes of Magic Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms live.
  • Aion v1.9 patch dated for June 2, v2.0 patch notes, server merger (oh noes!@) – Source
  • Perfect World Entertainment invests in Runic Games.
  • SW:TOR reveals non-human race, advanced classes.
  • DDO third most popular MMO according to survey.
  • Guild Wars 2 Dynamic Event System is intriguing.
  • Discussion: How important is it to your experience to feel that your changing the game’s world (See Dynamic Event System)?

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  1. If DDO really wants to expand they can, In d&d there is an epic level witch is 20-40 and a formula to go as high as you want but many books to not support past 20 or 40 being the epic handbook. Just thought i would let you guys know.

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