WoWFlix: Zerg vs. World of Warcraft

Ever wonder what it might be like to see two of your favorite Blizzard games collide in an epic battle? No, we’re not talking about cosplayers from this year’s BlizzCon (though that could be interesting). Instead, check out this video by Blizzmeng of the Zerg invasion on Azeroth. They come fast, furious and dirty — who will win? Could this be one common enemy that would unite Alliance and Horde together in battle?

Who do you think would win if the Zerg initiated a full-on invasion of Azeroth? You know they’re floating out there in space somewhere — perhaps not too far from a neighboring Blizzard world. I think we have the makings of the next post-Cataclysm expansion!


  1. Zerg would win easily, IMO. The political situation among the factions is too unstable to work together against the Lich King or Yogg-Saron, so why would the zerg be any different? Plus, the zerg have an unfair advantage, tons of air units capable of going into outer space. Talk about inbalanced!

  2. Well I don’t know, the protoss and terran came in later, and the mortal races of azeroth did defeat the Burning Legion, and they have a lot of of guys to overwhelm too

  3. For the record, the alliance and horde Did work together on both prospect’s. Not 100% agreed as better as it Would have been if the leader’s woulda shown some actual “Leadership” and buried the hatch for the greater good.

    Aaaaaanyway. Movie was well made. Panning was stretched for a bit but nice nonetheless. Still, we all know “World of Starcraft” is a fanboyish plot 25 year’s in the future when blizz runs outta ideas. :P

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