WoW’s New Scroll to Endgame

Blizzard announced yesterday that it has updated their Scroll of Resurrection program, which allows current players to invite a former player back into the game. There has been some controversey about the new scrolls as the XP bonus, which was 300% last time, has been replaced with a instant level 80 character. The full benefit details are listed below.

  • A single character immediately boosted all the way to level 80 — DING!
  • A FREE upgrade to Cataclysm — regardless of your friend’s original box level
  • An optional FREE character move — to your realm and faction so you can play together
  • 7 FREE days of game time — available immediately

Once the returning player has played for 30 days, the referrer and the returning player will then be able to select one of two mounts for themselves; the Spectral Gryphon or the Spectral Wind Rider. Click here to get your own Scroll of Resurrection.

The issue some players are having with this updated program, and really not limited to this, is that new players and returning players are constantly being showered with gifts and bonuses, while loyal long-term players have received nothing in terms of a loyalty or veterans reward program. While some veteran players see the instant level 80 level-boost as yet another slap in their face, I really can’t agree with that.

Obviously Blizzard’s motivation behind this is to get returning players, that haven’t played since before Cataclysm, to come back without having to worry about catching up.

In all honesty, a level 80 in WoW is quite meaningless these days anyway. Last Nov Blizzard posted a chart displaying how items stats have been growing exponentially with every expansion. Getting a level 80 character isn’t the hard part anymore, spending the time to gather all the gear is.

Getting a free level 80 character isn’t what it used to be as anyone that signs up to the refer-a-friend program can power-level to 80 in a few days anyway. While I agree they should setup a Veteran Program to reward loyal players, the instant level 80 boost isn’t a big deal. In fact, they should just give everyone a free level 80 character.


  1. It’s sad mainly because Blizzard spent so much time retooling the original world for Cata. There’s so much solid storytelling in there and it will all be missed. I enjoyed experiencing so many of those zones anew. Nostalgia definitely played a part, but many are so much better, with superb streamlining and storytelling that, to me, it’s a damned shame the company is offering such a “cheat code” to entice people to return.

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