You got PvE in my PvP

Why is it that when you join a PvE server, there’s mostly no PvP, but it doesn’t work the other way around? Shouldn’t PvP servers be just that, PvP only? So why is it that when you join a PvP server, you still spend the vast majority of time on PvE activities?

It seems since the birth of MMORPGs, developers quickly learned that not everyone likes PvP, so they created separate servers and a mechanism to turn off PvP. However for those like me, who hate the PvE grind, there’s no PvP only servers, which begs the question of whether developers just think there isn’t enough demand for it or that they know their PvP systems are so weak, that the game couldn’t possibly survive without the PvE system.

My guess is the latter. I don’t think it would be difficult for developers to work in a system where they could turn off all quests to create PvP only servers; I think they don’t do it because for the most part their PvP systems are horrible. If PvP was the main attraction, developers would actually have to spend the time creating an engaging and complex PvP system, instead of the control-point merry-go-round most MMORPGs use today.

While I do consider myself a PvP player, all quests don’t necessarily need to be turned off, just the mindless ones. Raids and difficult groups quests would be fine and it would actually be exciting when you find a quest giver. Instead of 5000 boring quests, there would be 50 or so challenging ones that would be fun to complete and exciting for the player when they find one.

What do you guys think? Should their be three server types, PvP, PvE and PvE/PvP? And how come we haven’t see PvP only servers yet?


  1. The failing of any PvP system is that it relies on other players for content. This is notably problematic in an open world game where you can go entire sessions without seeing another player, let alone an enemy player of a power-level you would choose to engage.

  2. @Gram: In my opinion your statement is false. Perfect exemple: Eve Online. Yes, one of the reasons a PvP system has succes is players, but if the developpers don’t do anything so that players may participate it’s clear the system will fail.

    If there’s nothing to capture, nothing to defend, … , nothing to do but kill each other the system will fail. The problem is that developpers now days don’0t know how to do this (except for Eve Online, a few MMOs and maybe GW2).

    You can’t just make an empty game and ask the community to do all the job without any tools.

    What a PvP should look like (to me):
    – Objectives (Bases, ressources, entire regions, etc)
    – No 10x the same map instance where you can switch when there’s too many people or that you’re getting PK’ed
    – Servers that support mass fights
    – Skill > Stuff (actually stuff should only be for the looks)
    – Dynamique combats (Something between Tera and GW2)
    – Real balance between Range and Melee
    – Craft > loot
    – GvG (or Alliances vs Alliances)
    – The only PvE there should be are epic quests
    – PvP is not only hitting on each other, give us minigames like races and stuff or medieval type games (That are only for prestige or buying stuff for the looks, recepies, etc – BUT NOT STUFF THAT MAKES YOU INVINCIBLE)

    PS: PvP servers have PvE in it so that Kevin can PvP when he want’s to.

  3. Hm well try to see it like that:

    Everyone plays on PvP servers, except those that really don’t like (unintended) PvP.

    I’m personally just learning the ways of PvPing in WoW and have played on a PvE server since starting. And the reason is plain simple, I like PvP, but I want myself to be the one to decide whether I want to do it right now, not my enemy.

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