You Got MMOCrunch In My LoreHound! (Site News!)

Hey Everyday Reader,

Have you noticed something different about LoreHound lately? A new bounce in our step. An extra beat in our jive. Perhaps you gained an appreciation for the added coverage of the market. Or were simply excited to see a handful of new contributors join the ranks of our two-headed regime. If you’ve noticed any of these, then you have the observant eye of a particular CSI agent.

The cast of has joined!

Site mergers are a big deal, behind the scenes and front and center. As the hamsters get integrated in the background, we’ll continue to provide you the latest in news and reviews for the genre of video games we all love (MMOCrunch’s strong point), while spreading a parade of opinion-editorial pieces over the offerings (LoreHound’s strength). The emulsifier to the new concoction are the favored videos. No matter your flavor – rank and file or original – will continue to deliver.

For those of you still here; a history lesson. Newcomer Mike and I have worked together in the past. In fact, I was an original contributor to years ago. Life has led us full circle, with Mike now partnering on to complete the formation of Voltron. Or is it Power Rangers now? Velvet Revolver? Captain Formers? Trans Planet? Someone give me a hand here…

Anyways…The hamsters. Once the tasty furry animals have been fattened up and given a consistent stream of water – this is, supposedly, important – will see a substantial face lift aimed at streamlining content directly to your synaptic receptors.

YOU are not prepared (but we love you anyways)!

iTZKooPA, Mike and the rest of the contributors

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