Zalazane’s Fall Previewed by Blizzard

A few weeks ago, Blizzard released a nice bit of RP behind Operation: Gnomeregan in which High Tinker Mekkatorque called for the retaking of the Gnomish capital city. Now the similarly displaced Troll leader Vol’jin has begun calling for an assault on the Echo Isles, homeland of the Horde’s Darkspear trolls. The events, both of which have been covered from the PTR here on Lore Hound, are part of the pre-Cataclysm launch festivities, and explain how each of the two races get its own starting area once the expansion comes out.

Both events have been previewed in Azeroth Bulletins released by Blizzard that add some flavorful RP to the announcements. Each event announcement has included a beautiful poster, suitable for hanging right above your shrine to all things WoW. Experiencing the events is sure to be a memorable part of gearing up for Cataclysm.

The only thing that might make them better is if the announcements were actually done through in-game means. Receiving in-game Azeroth Bulletins teasing the beginnings of the event would be great. Finding these posters around each faction’s cities (or even in Dalaran) and seeing the leaders actually begin planning the assaults would be spectacular. It’s one thing to have an RP-style announcement on the website. It would be even cooler to know that players could expect NPC behavior to actually coincide with those announcements.

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  1. Well, it would be tricky and resource consuming to that Without a patch. So yeah, just take what ya can get.

    Anyway, They just be trollin. :P

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