Global Agenda Maintenance Patch — Free Levels (And More!)

Yeah. That stupid android never saw it coming. And neither did I, because I was sleep-leveling!
Yeah. That stupid android never saw it coming. And neither did I, because I was asleep the whole time!

I’ve been plowing through Global Agenda like a barnstormer through, well… a barn, lately. I’ve crammed so much of my free time into the game over the past few days that I’ve even neglected to my precious little Lore Hounds. That’s why I was surprised to see, upon logging in today, that I was magically Level 33. I was only 30 the night before! Had I been playing so hard that I entered the zombie state? Was I so obsessed that Global Agenda had become part of my muscle memory, and I continued sniping fools in a somnambulatory state? Did I reach that elusive, almost god-like status of MMO nirvana — sleep-leveling?!

Turns out I was (a little) more normal than I thought. I had, in fact, gone properly to bed last night (late this morning). Hi-Rez had simply implemented a maintenance patch in the meantime that, amongst other things, gave out what amounts to free levels.


Well, that’s not quite right. What they actually did was change the experience requirements for the earlier levels in the game, and in fairness to all players that had already surpassed that part of the game, gave them an equivalent boost. So that jump from 30 to 33 was essentially all that extra XP they just took out of the game. I was really hoping the patch might’ve included the next phase of Sandstorm (I’m really itching to dive into some AvA combat, and they’d be wise not to hold off on that for too long as it seems to comprise the real meat of Global Agenda). It didn’t, but it did offer a few other minor change to the game, including the reintroduction of balanced teams in PvE and up-to-4-player queues for PvP. That should make iTZKooPA slightly more happy.

Hit the jump for the full patch notes!


  • The amount of XP required to reach each level has been modified. Players will now progress through the earlier levels significantly faster. Based on this change, players may automatically advance by several levels upon their first login following this change.Moving from Level 5 to 6 now requires 1,000 XP instead of 2,000
  • Levels 6 through10 now require 2,000 XP per level instead of 4,000
  • Levels 11 to 15 now require 4,000 XP per level instead of 8,000
  • Levels 16 to 20 now require 8,000 XP per level instead of 12,000


  • Re-added option to “Wait for a Balanced Team” when joining the Team Special Ops queues. This option is available only if you are joining the queue alone (not in a pre-made team). If chosen, this option will match you only with groups that have one player of each class.
  • Increased XP award for killing Minion_Android_B in PvE missions
  • Loot tables for Low and Medium Special Ops PvE mission were modified to award loot more appropriate to the level ranges playing these missions.
  • Solo Rookie Special Ops queue now requires Level 10, Solo Advanced Requires Level 20, Solo Expert requires Level 30


  • Mercenary PvP queue now requires Level 10 to play (previously Level 8).  Note that, in the new XP system, players will reach Level 10 in less time than it previously took to reach Level 8.
  • Mercenary PvP queue now accepts teams of up to 4 players. Solo players may choose the checkbox “Only join matches without teams” to ensure they only join matches with other solo players.


  • Variety of bug fixes to Agency-vs-Agency gameplay


  • Oathbreaker Boost (Medic) now does damage to bots, turrets and other mechanicals (bug fix).
  • New medics now receive poison grenade in starter equipment.
  • Some modifications were made to optimize login and character select, as well as some other in-game functions, on higher latency network connections.
  • A bug was fixed in which some armor was not being bound to your player immediately upon acquisition.

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  1. Interesting ninja patch. I only grabbed about two levels from it. I hope we see more of these between the phases of Sandstorm. The phases add a ton of cool stuff, but aren’t very balanced and introduce some bugs (as most patches tend to do).

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