The Lorecast Episode 22: Same Great Taste, Less Filling

This week we’ve got a new (or is it old?) format for the podcast. From now on, we’re combining the WoWcast and the MMOcast in to the Lorecast for your listening pleasure. For this inaugural podcast, iTZKooPA, Amatera, and Juggynaut discuss all the latest happenings in MMOs.

Whatcha Been Playin?

Amatera: Dead Rising 2, Minecraft, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
iTZKooPA: Metroid: Other M, League of Legends
Juggynaut: World of Warcraft, Castle Crashers

World of Warcraft Major News

World of Warcraft “Lightning Lore”

Other MMO/Gaming News:

  • Nintendo Conference, September 29th
  • Final Fantasy XIV launched
  • APB Refugee Programs from Electronic Arts & Hi-Rez Studios
  • Star Trek DS9 browser MMO (Infinite Space):
  • Clone Wars hits 1 Million


  • Phanttas’ Question: Would you date someone who doesn’t play video games?

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  1. HAHA!! I’m sorry, I’m just laughing at the irony. Ya know how everyone said it would be November. Then I say “I wish it would come out in December just to prove everyone wrong” then at the last minute they change there Ruuuuuumor, and it’s True!

    Oh man, be careful what you wish for. :P

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