Fifth Final Fantasy XI Expansion Detailed

During VanaFest2012 Square Enix announced the fifth expansion to Final Fantasy XI, the company’s first foray into the MMOG market. Seekers of Adoulin will be released for PCs in 2013. Currently, it is unknown how PlayStation 2 players will access the new content, if at all. With no boxed copy listed, there is a high chance that the title may become a download-only release, if it reaches the PS2 audience at all.

Aside from the expansion itself, the big reveal was the incoming class, the Geomancer. The geomancer class is a heavy support class capable of damaging foes with elemental magic. Buffs include heals, status buffs and increased combat and defense effectiveness. On the flip side, geomancers will be able to assault enemies through a collection of disables, such as paralyze, slow and other defensive enfeeblements. Sticking with the complexity of the franchise, the location of the player relative to the enemy will modify attributes such as recast timers and accuracy, known as the Polarity system.

Hit the jump for the first media dump from Seekers of Adoulin including a new map, concept art, the official reveal trailer and a few more details.

GamerEscape has a few additional details on new features, including the new Reclaim the Land system, which includes Pioneering and Exploration. As one would expect, Seekers brings a handful of new guilds to the mix.


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    They gave up on FFXIV a long time ago. They actually dumped the game on another team, which is in the process of remaking the entire game and re-releasing it as Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 instead of trying to fix the current version.

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