LotRO: Riders of Rohan Behind-the-Scenes Making of the Live Action Trailer

Last week, Turbine Entertainment released a live-action trailer for the upcoming expansion of Lord of the Rings Online. Named after the upcoming expansion, Riders of Rohan, the trailer eschews your typical in-game combat, gameplay additions and passing environmental shots for a taste of steel, long hair and knife sharpening to set the mood. The campfire enables Turbine to introduce players to the additional lore that will be unleashed on players on September 5, 2012 without having to spoil specific game elements.

Today, Turbine Entertainment following up the trailer with a behind-the-scenes look at its creation. The behind-the-scenes trailer allows Turbine to take players into the world at the ground level, expressing the excitement, pain, sadness and camaraderie that the general adventurers – us players – experience. Despite being a two-minute trailer, the company spent a lot of time on getting the details correct for the segment. Players looking for gameplay can experience in-game environments and combat later in the making of.

Riders of Rohan can be pre-ordered now, but only if you want all sorts of cool perks.

To summarize, there will be a lot of horseplay beyond the jump including all new screenshots.

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  1. And they say developers sit in cubicles all day….

    It’s a shame they could just borrow all the costumes and props from the movies from New Line Cinema & Peter Jackson. That would make the story behind the trailer so much more epic. And give me some desire to work at Turbine on the LotRO team ;)

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