RaiderZ: New Trailer Details Monster Transformations

The RaiderZ team is excited to share a new trailer detailing some new things to happen in the upcoming monster hunting, action mmorpg. Together with this new trailer some new screenshots were also shared.

Senior Producer Mark Hill said that in addition to offering a closer look at the game’s mounts and combat system, which finds players wielding limbs from defeated monsters and environment items as weapons, the latest episode also highlights RaiderZ’s unique monster transformation system.

Under the right conditions, players can channel their inner beast and transform themselves into many of the deadly monsters that roam the land of Rendel. It’s one of the many unique features that Hill believes sets RaiderZ apart from the pack. Plus, don’t forget about weaponized musical instruments!

After having seen the trailer I personally am really excited to say that I am looking forward to transforming into different monsters! Additional screens shots and the trailer are under the cut!

Here is the link to the Trailer!