Published : NCSoft

Developed : Carbine Studios

Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy

Monthly Fee: TBA

WildStar Overview

WildStar is a sci-fi MMORPG that takes players on an epic adventure to a mysterious planet on the edge of the universe. Players take on the role of one of four classes, an Explorer, Soldier, Scientist or Settler and are presented with unending surprises, quests and challenges as they try to unravel the secrets of the mysterious planet.

To separate it from the sea of other MMO games out there, Wildstar takes a humorous and cartoony design approach which gives it that Pixar movie type of feel.

WildStar Review

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WildStar Coming June 3, Pre-Order & Watch Latest DevSpeak (Video)

Posted on Mar 24, 2014

Carbine Studios dropped a parade of information on those looking to join the cheeky classic RPG fun that WildStar is planning on delivering. The MMORPG dev/pub recently unlocked pre-orders for its title, as well as finally announcing the release date. Come June 3 players can finally get their hands on one of the most highly-anticipated titles of

WildStar Flick: Teaseer (Video)

Posted on Feb 12, 2014

The release of WildStar is fast upon us. We think. Carbine Studios still hasn’t pegged the release date, sticking with a wide range of Q1/Q2 2014 after it was delayed from a 2014 release. Thankfully, beta keys continue to be pushed out for the classic MMORPG. Many (lucky) players have had positive responses. If it’s as well

Medic: The Sixth & Final Class of WildStar

Posted on Dec 10, 2013

Carbine Studios full Dev Speak introduction of the ultra-high-tech, close range healer and damage dealer awaiting your introduction after the cut

WildStar Wednesday Gives You the Spellslinger

Posted on Nov 20, 2013

It’s WildStar Wednesday, and that means a new DevSpeak video! To check it out, as well as all the previous videos, simply visit the WildStar YouTube channel and soak in the WildStar goodness. The newest class on the lineup has been announced; The Spellslinger – a deadly assassin wielding dual pistols. This sounds like my kind of

WildStar Unveils the Esper Healer/DPS Class (Video)

Posted on Nov 13, 2013

Those of you that have been following our coverage of WildStar, the upcoming hardcore slanted MMORPG from Carbine Studios, tend to await Hump Day. That’s because you know that there may be a bit of tasty news released for the company’s long-running WildStar Wednesday marketing campaign. It isn’t all noteworthy but today’s video trailer definitely is. The

WildStar Wants You to Know the Intricacies of a Warrior

Posted on Nov 06, 2013

Let’s make an ass of you and me for the next few moments. You don’t know anything about the upcoming MMORPG from Carbine Studios. You connect nothing to the term of a “warrior” in the MMORPG genre. The term warrior spurs numerous connotations in the community of MMOG players. WildStar is attempting to prove them all incorrect.

NYCC 2013: The Implications of the Unique Gameplay in WildStar (Video)

Posted on Oct 17, 2013

Lore Hound has been following WildStar for some time obtaining every bit of information we can on the upcoming MMORPG. Sure, the game is still ages away, way, way out there in spring 2014, but developer Carbine Studios has never let it slip the minds of the greater gaming community. A large part of this is due

WildStar Launching with Cross-realm Play

Posted on Oct 10, 2013

Neverwinter recently re-confirmed its intention to merge its servers to create a more universal in-game community. This is something Blizzard, which runs dozens of servers for World of Warcraft, has achieved by designing base technology to offer cross-realm PvP, questing and raiding. Upcoming MMORPG WildStar is going to follow Blizzard’s example from the word go. DIscussed for the

Latest WildStar DevSpeak Explains Ability Mechanics (Video)

Posted on Sep 26, 2013

Combat, it’s a pretty big deal in every single MMORPG. Ever. Not that I’m an omnipresent gamer to have played everything but I’m pretty comfortable making that blanket statement. As we’ve seen in our interviews, combat in WildStar is a wild ride. There’s attacking, dodging and damage mitigation. Usually, the attacks come as instants, a channeled ability

Why Wildstar Isn’t F2P in the Traditional Fashion

Posted on Sep 25, 2013

You may have heard, you know, if you read our articles and such. One of them happen to be on that nagging issue of the decision by Carbine Studios to make Wildstar a more traditional subscription based MMORPG. Kinda. There’s the curious case of the in-game currency being able to purchase game time, but by

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