Additional Developers Creating Unified Gaming Platforms

This seems like a no-brainer to the consumers of MMOG, but a pair of multi-title developers have, once again, independently announced their respective intentions to develop a single sign-in platform for their titles. Following Wargaming and Perfect World Entertainment in 2013, this year we should witness the consumer-friendly packaging for the WEBZEN and Trion Worlds games.

Following the purchase of gPotato, WEBZEN will be merging those EU and NA platforms with the system. That will combine some 40 million+ accounts spread across titles such as Age of Wulin, C9: Continent of the Ninth Seal, MU Online and MU Rebirth, to long-time favourites like Flyff, Terra Militaris and Rappelz, and also the upcoming Archlord II.

Trion Worlds isn’t going as gung-ho as WEBZEN, instead rolling its products together via a platform more akin to the Blizzard Launcher. The “lightweight digital hub” is known as Glyph and will roll the more than 10 million gamers across Defiance, RIFT, Trove, and, presumably, the upcoming ArcheAge. Sorry, End of Nations fans, no mention, again, there.

In addition, Trion Worlds said the DRM-free platform will be easy to easy for consumer and developer alike. Yeah, it’s going to be made available to Trion’s partners.