Neverwinter Caer-Konig Supply Pack Update

Posted by on May 8, 2014 - 6 Comments »

Hey, Lore Hounds. First the bad news. The previous Giveaway will remain offline due to complications in the redemption process. This means that those of you readers popping over to this Neverwinter thread are out of luck (until the next time). The silver lining is that those of you that received the keys can still receive the goods promised to you. Albeit, not in the process detailed in the original notice, unfortunately.

The teams at Cryptic, Perfect World and Lore Hound have pinpointed the issue and put together a new redemption process. To receive your Caer-Konig Supply Pack (CKSP) to prepare you for Curse of Icewind Dale please perform the following three steps:

  1. Please head to the Arc Games support page.

  2. Put “Lore Hound Key Giveaway” in the Subject line, describe the problem in the question field and be sure to include exact key you received.

  3. Select Neverwinter for the product and select Customer Support for the Category.

All parties apologize for the inconvenience.