WildStar Live Today! Lore Hound Has You Covered (Video)

I’m not quite sure why you have May 8th marked on your calendar. But for me, the day was highlighted for one thing and one thing only, the soft launch of WildStar! Carbine Studios has pushed its fast-paced yet old school MMORPG into the wilds, allowing gamers of all shapes, sizes and wallet depthiness (made up a word!) to get into the action.

At least for the next 10 days.

The Open Beta will enable the developer to ferret out the last remaining major issues with a large playerbase. This includes new access to high-level play thanks to the level 30 cap being removed. Dev chats and livestreams will be going on throughout the Open Beta period, beginning with a State of the Game at 1:00 PM EST today.

Need open beta access? Then head here. WildStar will officially launch on June 3 and comes in two delicious flavors. Need something to do while you download? Hit the jump for a summary of our coverage to date and the brand new storyline trailer. It’s awesome! Don’t forget to follow our Twitch stream, as we’ll have an exclusive interview with Chad Moore next week. 

Our coverage from the most recent to the way back:


  1. I have been trying to get into this game since I first heard about it. They kept kicking me off the Closed Beta list (every time i would try to log into their website i would have to re-register). Now that i did get into the closed beta i’ve been having all kinds of downloading errors and still haven’t been able to download the game. still really want to try this game!!!!

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