Neverwinter: Foundry Authors Beta Applications

Neverwinter is all about Dungeons and Dragons … which means, for me at least, the Foundry is a huge part of its appeal. I simply cannot wait to get my hands on that baby, and start spitting out content and adventures for other people to play. I am a creator, I’ve spent years of my life creating and running adventures for my players, and I am so excited about the Foundry that Cryptic could give me a game with nothing but empty white terrain and so long as the Foundry was good, I’d be perfectly happy.

If you’re like me, and cannot wait to get your hands dirty with the guts of creation, hit the jump for details on how to apply for access to the dedicated Foundry beta test!

That remains the one largest disappointment about the last beta weekend, the I wasn’t able to give the Foundry a spin. Sure there were adventures already created, but I had wanted to create my own! That’s what D&D is all about! That’s why I wanted to play Neverwinter! I had a blast actually playing the game, but for me it’s all about the Foundry. So when I saw the shining words “Foundry Author Beta” upon waking up this morning, I immediately clicked over and signed up.

The actual Foundry Author Beta Signup can be found on the official forums, with the caveat that this is for dedicated adventure crafters. Or you can skip directly to the application itself if you know that that’s what you want to do.

There is a glaring warning in the post that this is for dedicated creators, so please don’t try and use this as just another way to try and get into the beta if you’re not actually interested in diving into the guts of the Foundry. Is anyone else excited? :)

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