RIFT Wants to Celebrate the Terrible Twos With You

Over the weekend, the freshman entry from Trion Worlds entered its second year as a premium MMORPG. RIFT, a fantasy MMORPG rocking a classless system filled with dynamic content, launched in March 2011 to a solid reception. Since this time, Trion Worlds has met an aggressive content schedule, releasing a myriad of patches large and small and an entire expansion, Storm Legion. On March 1, the title turned two and received a new content patch, Carnival of the Ascended – Patch v2.2, to celebrate.

There’s a smorgasbord of activities for players of any type of dedication, from mini-games to games of skill to simple collections, spread across Storm Legion zones. There’s also the excitement of randomized PvP scenarios. The patch brings core (non-seasonal) content as well, including the addition of Tier 3 Planar Attunement, and hard modes of Endless Eclipse and Frozen Tempest.

Past and present players can rekindle their relationships during the anniversary’s free weekend, March 21-25, which coincides with the 20% increase to various statistics – XP, Favor, Prestige, etc – that runs from March 21 until April 4. Not to mention PAX East! Coincidence?

You can read the full breakdown of the Carnival of the Ascended here. Be sure to hit the jump for the Second Anniversary trailer. Interested in seeing what you missed in the preceding 24 months? Massively’s Karen Bryan has you covered.

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