Neverwinter Server Stability

And the Neverwinter server instability woes continue to be fixed at a remarkable pace. I continue to be just astonished at the rate of communication and effort the devs are putting forth to deal with the various connectivity issues players are experiencing. The servers have just been brought down again, for an expected 2 hour maintenance, with still more stability fixes. If you’ve had a difficult time getting into dungeons, skirmishes or PvP – rejoice! They continue to focus on these issues, and today’s patch brings us more fixes. Hopefully this frenzy continues! I have to say that each patch is definitely and noticeably improving my game experience – I actually managed to join not one, but 5 skirmishes yesterday during a skirmish event.

I am playing on the Dragon shard, and I was impressed when there was a response to the problem within minutes. The server went down, I went to the Neverwinter Facebook page, hit refresh, and there was an update letting me know that they were aware of the issue and looking into it. I very much laud the communication coming from Cryptic/PWE in this regard, and hope to see it continued.

Hit the jump for the patch notes. 

  1. Patch Notes NW.1.20130416a.14

    Performance and Stability

    • Fixed many stability / performance issues in the Foundry, the Queue system, Gateway, and Login. This should improve the overall player experience in each of those features.


    • Fixed a major issue resulting in unreadable item tooltips in the French language.

    Auction House

    • The Auction House will now deliver currency and items through the in-game mail system.
    • Fixed an issue that could lead to sellers not receiving the correct sum of Astral Diamonds when an auction expired without being bought out.

    User Interface

    • When viewing stores remotely (for example, when accessing the Wondrous Bazaar from afar), consumable items such as ID Scrolls can now be purchased in bulk.
    • Guild Banks now properly update which of their options are checked on a per-Rank basis, instead of incorrectly showing the same checkmarks across all ranks.

    The Foundry

    • Players will no longer occasionally be locked out of all input after using the in-Preview object nudger.
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