Happy Birthday, TERA!

Ever play a game and wonder what’s the most popular race? Class? What about the deadliest monster or the richest player? Race and class especially, those are near the top of the list of questions I see in every game I’ve played. And to celebrate the first anniversary of TERA, En Masse Entertainment has fulfilled these burning questions with a special infographic displaying a few of these statistics! Plus, there are a host of special events and celebrations happening throughout the month of May. Who doesn’t love a birthday celebration, especially one that has gifts for everyone?

Hit the jump for the details, as well as some delicious tidbits about upcoming content!

  • This weekend, May 3-6, there will be double the goodies in dungeons – starting at noon PDT on May 3, and continuing until noon PDT May 6, all instance bosses will drop twice their usual loot.
  • Immortalize your TERA memories and share them with the world – win the current Happy Birthday TERA art competition and your work will be featured as a loading screen! All submissions must be original art, sent to community@enmasse.com and received before May 13 11:59 pm PDT.
  • Throughout the month there will be daily in-game tasks with raffle item rewards.
  • Enjoy a new 10- and 20-person Kelsaik raid.
  • Hope for luck with in-game mystery boxes filled with rare and valuable prizes.

Upcoming content for the near future includes an expansive 20v20 battleground requiring players to defend and control strongholds with the aid of tanks, cannons and airships, and the introduction of the innovative, player-driven alliance system, scheduled for the summer of 2013.


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