Play Allods Online for Age of Wulin Beta Keys is having an interesting beta key giveaway for the upcoming martial arts sandbox Age of Wulin – sign up for the Age of Wulin beta, then download Allods Online and play! You can earn up to 5 beta keys! It’s a great way to make sure you’ve got friends playing, simply snag a few extras. I’m pretty excited, this is one of the games I’ve been watching for a few years now. Martial arts + sandbox – how can you go wrong? Ok, ok, I can think of plenty of ways to go wrong, but this one looks pretty cool. I haven’t found a martial arts game that’s held my attention since I stopped playing 9Dragons ages ago. Here’s to hoping this one will be the game to finally fill that martial arts gap.

Hit the jump for links and more details.

All  you have to do is sign up for the Age of Wulin beta, then download Allods Online and play between now and October 1st.

  • Log in at least once daily for 7 days and receive 1 beta key
  • Log in at least once daily for 14 days and receive 2 beta keys
  • Log in at least once daily for 21 days and receive 3 beta keys
  • Level a new character to level 10 and receive 2 additional beta keys!
They do specify that the logins must be consecutive, and the longest period will be counted. So you can’t just log in randomly over the next month, you’ve got to be sure to do it every day if you want to get all 5 keys. They also specify that logging constitutes entering your username and password, and actually entering the world with a character. Unfortunately I’ll be heading out of town so won’t be able to snag the 14 and 21 day keys, but I spent a few hours this morning and leveled a character up to 10, so I know I’ll be getting 3 beta keys.
For more information, read the official announcement on the Age of Wulin web page.  Then watch iTZKooPA’s Age of Wulin interview while Allods downloads.
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