Perfect World International Celebrates Four Years with Free Gifts, Prizes

Perfect World International, the game that kicked off Perfect World Entertainment, has turned four years old this week. To celebrate, the game is doing what pretty much every other MMOG does, throwing a kickass party for players.

The party kicked off yesterday, September 10 and will award different prizes depending on each player’s tenure in the fantasy MMORPG. As part of the new player initiative, 500 registrants will be randomly selected to receive 500 Zen, basically $5, to begin, renew or continue their new career. Head over to the official anniversary page to put your name in the hat.

Current players should jump on the same link to guarantee themselves their time-sensitive award for playing the game for so long. All players will receive “an adorable rodent companion named ‘Marmot Style,’” while four-year members of PWI will receive “a hulking new serpentine ground mount known as ‘Doom’s Stare.’”

There’s something available for all players in between newbs and veterans. Hit the jump for images of all prizes, including the first year mount, two year cosmetic outfits, third year fox and details on all of the events.

All anniversary festivities end October 8.

Upon clicking the “Send” button, you’ll not only be sent you gifts, but you’ll also be entered into a special Player-Appreciation Sweepstakes. Among the many that enter, 500 accounts will be selected to be given 500 ZEN each as a token of our appreciation. So tell your friends and make sure that everyone takes part in the revelry!

Anniversary Events

In addition to the anniversary gifts, we’re also activating and running a bunch of events in-game! Check below to see each event along with its duration.

  • Archosaur Assault (9/7 @ 5pm Server) [Complete]
  • 2x EXP/Drops/Spirit (9/7 – 10/8)
  • 3x Achievement Points (9/10 – 10/8) [Now Active]
    • These points are used to buy items in the Token Shop
  • 2x DQ Points(9/10 – 10/8)
    • These points are used to buy items in the DQ Shop
  • Elder’s Blessing Event (Begins 9/12)
    • All newly created characters during this event will gain access to special gear. Just look at the flashing treasure chest at the top of the screen in-game to see what you need to do.
  • Quiz Event(9/14 – 9/16 between 6pm and 8:30pm server time.)
    • Located at Archosaur (555, 626) or City of Thousand Streams (131, 861)
  • GM Anniversary Meet n Greet(5pm Server time). GMs will be stationed at major racial cities in PWI for on these dates. Tea and crumpets will be served. Stop by and say hello!
    • 9/11
      • Raging Tide
      • Sanctuary
    • 9/12
      • Dreamweaver
      • Archosaur
    • 9/13
      • Harshlands
      • Heavens Tear
    • 9/14
      • Lost City
  • Sweet Remembrance Event(9/12 – 9/25)
    • This event is located in Tellus City.
    • Speak to Beastly Bongso to begin the quest-chain!

Source: Official Anniversary news page