Browser-based Action RPG Everlight Enters Open Beta

Looking for a new action RPG to sink some time into? Everlight, the latest fantasy action RPG from F2P developer KoramGame may suit your fancy. After spending an extended period of time in its closed beta phase, the title is heading to open beta on Thursday, March 14.

Set in a fantasy world, the title takes a slice out of crafting of The Secret World acknowledging that they myths and folklore we’re familiar with are a reality. Focused on four main classes, players will hack-and-slash their way through Atlantis. Heavily influenced by Eastern cultures and game design, Everlight includes an anime art style, customization and rather quirky features like a Horoscope system.

“We had a superb CBT with over 10,000 participants who really helped us iron out the bugs and improve the game to provide smoother game play. There were plenty of bugs so it wasn’t an easy job and we really appreciate all the time, effort and feedback from everyone who participated in the CBT.” said Everlight General Manager, Jiming Zhao. “We’re now moving forward to the Open Beta and after the success of the CBT we can’t wait open the servers for our fans.”

Hit the jump for a handful of screenshots, especially useful since the English-language website hasn’t been fleshed out as of press.