LoreHound Crier: The Week Up to 5/12 in a Glance

Eeek! I’m late I’m late! I must beg forgiveness to anyone looking forward to my weekly summary; a vacation combined with the opening of The Secret World‘s beta weekend sent me spinning off into the land of distractions. But it’s been another pretty exciting week here at LoreHound! We’ve got item giveaways, MineCraft goodies, news about a few betas and several lengthier pieces that go into more detail than just providing news. I love the longer pieces, as an unabashed MMO addict there’s very little that I love more than long talks about gaming. Game theory, character building, analyses of subscription numbers and playerbase makeup, how to guides –  I love it all.

And of course, my favorite topic – The Secret World! The open beta! Yes, it’s here at last! I have a ton of screenshots that I’ll be posting up later as well as a preview. I’ve been spending way too much time with this game, wanting to squeeze out every possible moment while the servers are up. I think I was up playing until 5am, my eyeballs feel like they’re about to fall out, but I’m still looking forward to later this afternoon after I’ve finished up my errands when I’ll be able to play again! Here’s a screenshot to keep you all entertained until I’m able to put up the full review:

And now, on with the show!

  • LoreHound has a MineCraft server! Today we’re holding a stress test, so if you like MineCraft and like LoreHound, then head on over and join Mordil! Here are the downloads you’ll need to hop into the fun.
  • iTZKooPA has a follow up interview with Todd Harris of HiRez Studios, about the launch of Tribes: Ascend! Want to know about female models? Check it out!
  • Diablo 3 is on its way, and Heartbourne provides a nice analysis of fees and market strategies. Interested in making a killing playing video games? Or just making enough to pay for your World of Warcraft subscription? Heartbourne has you covered.
  • Like closed betas? Realm of the Titans just started its closed beta. Head on over and give it a look!
  • There’ve been plenty of games that have claimed to be “WoW killers” but are they? Unless they can beat 10.2 million subscribers, I’ll have to say no.
  • I love dancing in my MMOs. I’m that girl in the skimpy clothes doing the shimmy while I wait for absent groupmates or am afk. If you’re like me, you might be interested in the pandaren dance that was recently discovered on the World of Warcraft beta servers.
  • It’s the time! The Secret World First Open Beta Weekend! Nope, I can’t help my fangirl excitement from showing through with exclamation points! Lots of them!!
  • We’ve got a Twelve Sky 2 item giveaway! Who doesn’t love freebies in the games they play?
  • Curious what EA has to say about their declining SWTOR subs? Mike gave out the details.
  • There was drama in the world of E-Sports, when Starcraft 2 e-sport team Evil Geniuses gave a team member the boot.
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