Sniping The SmiteGame TwitchTV Stream for a Round of Conquest

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Player HiBes and iTZKooPA took a shot in the dark and teamed up to see if they could play against or with HiRezBart during this afternoon’s SMITE stream. The dynamic duo, as seen in a previous consistently losing stream with HiRezDuke, succeeded where so many others have failed. Teamed with HiRezBart playing Artemis, iTZKooPA glass cannoned with Anubis and HiBes went Sir Ganks Alot Loki (that needs to be a skin btw).

Do they win? Will HiBes be banned? Did a Kali 2013 Convention Skin get given away?! You’ll have to watch to find out!

Above you have the official Lore Hound Twitch TV stream. After the cut you can jump to 1:12:00 in the SmiteGame stream to see Bart’s take on the madness.

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