Star Citizen Reaches Kickstarter Goal 26 Days in Advance

Chris Roberts. You either just squealed or have little idea why that name should mean anything to you. If you squealed, congratulations, you’re probably 30+. Creator of Wing Commander, a watershed moment in PC gamedom, Roberts left the video game industry after becoming disenfranchised with the industry’s direction and management. Well, he’s back and is looking to shake up the industry once more with an upcoming open world single-player to MMO space sim, Star Citizen.

Roberts and the rest of the team at Cloud Imperium Games Corporation is shooting for nothing less than the star themselves. Star Citizen is an attempt to show publishers that a) PC gamers still desire a hardcore space simulator b) PC gamers want their machines put through the ringer, graphically and by the physics engine c) Exploration and flying can be as entertaining a ship-to-ship PvP d) MMOGs are sustainable through microupdates and e) Kickstarter is a completely viable funding method.

And that speaks very little to the features of the game, just aspirations. Hit the jump for a quick synopsis of the gameplay features or head on over to the Kickstarter campaign to plop you money down. You can also donate to the company’s own drive, which has not finished it funding of $2 million, here.

Star Citizen is an ambitious game. Period. A mix of Robert’s past designs, including Wing Commander, Freelancer and Privateer, set in a persistent universe of stars, Star Citzen will incorporate:

  • A massive universe home to a civilization built on trading and exploration.
  • A living, breathing, player-run economy, yet money isn’t the end all, be all.
  • The chance for immortality as a part of Squadron 42, an elite group of fighters, or discovering uncharted sectors of space.
  • User-generated content through heavy modding.
  • Co-op ship control: On massive ships, the systems can be handled by multiple players, one manning flight, the other turrets and another on engineering duty.
  • Fully customizable spaceships with dynamic maneuverability and an Intelligent Flight Control System (IFCS) to make flying seamless.
  • 10x the graphical fidelity of most current games. That’s 300,000 to 7 million polygons per space ship.
  • Advanced peripheral support. If it was designed to fly a craft it will in Star Citizen.

Still looking for more information? Then head over to the Star Citizen FAQ.


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