Hi-Rez Studios Joins Halloween Festivities With Spooky SMITE Trailer

They're real- and they're spectacular.

Neither Tribes: Ascend or SMITE are experiencing an invasion of ghoulish characters, but that hasn’t stopped Hi-Rez Studios from participating in the October event. One can only assume that the company has become a bit cash flush with the rising success of SMITE – 700,000+ players playing in the Closed Beta at any moment. The increasing audience enabled the production of a subtle trailer for SMITE revolving around the spirits.

In the video, a museum goer jumps the velvet rope and goes off the beaten path. Venturing into an under construction wing, the man stumbles upon an area named ‘Ancient Mythology Exhibition.’ The Blair Witch-esque cameraman gets in a spot of trouble.

Hit the jump for the short spooking trailer. Be sure to check out SMITE our lore column to learn more about the mythological creatures you saw. It’s too bad the farmed Halloween assets have been pushed live yet.