A Video Tour Through the New Orgrimmar

When the Shattering occurred, many areas of Azeroth were changed forever. And that included Orgrimmar, which for many of my fellow Hordies is now our new home base. The capital city still has a similar feel, but on a much grander scale. Some things have been moved around, some completely new areas of the city now exist, and others have remained mostly unchanged. While this video is not meant to be a run down of every single new NPC location, I’ll run through all the major revamped areas of the city and show you some basic ways to get around. Better to learn it now before Cataclysm hits.

Want to see where the new Warchief lives? Care to view the new Goblin Slums? Just wondering where the heck the flight path and zeppelins now are? Or maybe you’re a predominantly Alliance player and just want to see the city’s new look? Find all that and more below. Hope you enjoy.

*Update* The video that was posted yesterday obviously didn’t upload in full. Here’s the right one!


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