Need 100 Grand? Turbine’s Got Your Back

In these troubling economic times everyone could use a helping hand. Turbine is during its part by offering two lucky players 100,000 Turbine points! The truly obscene amount of virtual cash can’t save your house, car, job or state of mind, but it can distract you from all those hardships by letting you purchase everything in DDO or LotRO.

What’s even better is how you enter your name into the drawing. If you’re new to the games, signing up is all you need to do. Just make sure you do it between December 1st and December 31st. For those in the Instance Gratification group and other current players, all we need to do is login to the website and mosey on over to the contest page (LotRO contest page). Play both games? Then you can double your chance to win! The below prizes will be distributed to each community.

  • One 1st place winner: 100,000 Turbine Points to use within DDO/LotRO.
  • Two 2nd prize winners: a lifetime subscription to either game.
  • Five 3rd place winners: 1,000 Turbine Points.

An insanely lucrative free contest for a pair of free-to-play games. What’s not to love?


  1. From what I understand, you can either go F2P or sub up like WoW. I’ve spent the past 3 weeks in Turbine games (DDO and LotRO) and can’t really say i’m impressed. DDO is completely instanced including outdoor areas and the combat is glitchy as all get out…mobs climbing up halfway up the walls anyone?

    LotRO is INCREDIBALLY grindy. Mob respawn timers are horrific and resorces for your professions (which you generally outlevel any benefit from by 6 levels by the time you’re ready for the next teir) are unbelievably sparse.

    Sorry for the ranting, but it has to be said. That having been said, I’d say LotRO is the much better of the two if you don’t mind immense grinds.

  2. lulz@Mordril. Rep grinding is fun to be sure. Running fully across a zone to find ONE node of resources (timber/ore in the case of LotRO) is not lol.

    LotRO is not a bad game for what it is. It needs a lot more support in terms of customer service, tech, and development etc. I just don’t believe a F2P model can really be sustainable especially in this economy, at least for your ‘serious’ gamers.

    Where LotRO will appeal and very strongly are the people who don’t want to pay a sub for a game they maybe play once or twice a week for a couple of hours at a clip but do want to play a very immersive game and LotRO is nothing if not immersive.

    FYI, the accounts of LotRO chat channels being anti-troll are very false. FYI pt. 2, it’s very difficult to type coherently when you have a sleeping kitten on your lap :D

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