MapleStory Gets Its "Big Bang" on December 7th

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Since the revealing of a teaser site for MapleStory’s next big game-changer, Nexon has been hard at work preparing the update overhaul for deployment. Entitled, “Big Bang”, the next chapter in MapleStory lore is set to provide an entirely new game experience for recruits and veterans alike. In our last post about the update, we went over the promised content changes. Let’s reiterate; we can expect:

  • Updated UI
  • Higher Resolution/Better Graphics
  • New Character Classes
  • Higher XP Rate
  • Updated Maps
  • Rebalanced Monsters

Not to turn this into an editorial, but I think that these extensive overhauls comment on the MMO industry as a whole. Players are tired of the same ol’ ball game – we hunger for something new and reinvigorating. As Blizzard has reinvented WoW through the Cataclysm, so shall Nexon reinvent MapleStory through the Big Bang.

MMOCrunch will be following the Big Bang update as it finds its way on to MapleStory servers December 7th (this Tuesday), so check back in the coming weeks!

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