Aeria Games Reveals DK Online Class & Gameplay Details

Dragon Knights Online received its first proper showing early this morning. Aeria Games launched the official site, complete with the first class spotlight trailer and details for the manga-based MMORPGs classes. DK Online follows the Aeria Games motif, free-to-play.

The first press push for DK Online is focusing on a bit of sex appeal with the Sorceress front and center. Shocking, right?

The seductive elf – currently the only race the class can be – is your rather typical magical DPS class, using a barrage of magics from different fields to harass opponents. Primarily aligned to fire and ice, the class spotlight details the backstory for the magic user in addition to her powers.

DK Online is hoping to satisfy players that enjoy PvP and PvE themepark MMORPGs. The title is to feature large guild wars that reward the winners with the ability to institute vendor taxes. The title’s most unique feature is without a doubt the Transformation system. The system will allow players to “temporarily assume the shapes and abilities of the world’s various monsters.”

Hit the jump for the spotlight focus on the Sorceress and head over to the official website for the first morsels on the Warrior, Paladin and Shadowmage. It’s actually a surprisingly boring spotlight.