Allods Online Gives Free Access to Premium Items via Daily Quests

The free-to-play MMO developed by Astrum Nival, Allods Online, has some good news for all EU players. This week, the game is taking some changes in its Premium Items access by making some of them available for free.

Like many other free-to-play MMOs, Allods encourages people to spend money in an Item Mall, the profit model for many f2p games, but now some of those pay-to-have-it items will be rewarded in several new easy-to-complete daily quests.

The Captain’s Letter of Marque doubles any character’s experience for a specific period of time, the 5 Phylacteries of Passage guarantees no penalties if a player’s character dies in battle and the Small Cone of Incense provides 24 hours of powerful blessing, increasing a character’s power on the battlefield.

To celebrate this, all players on the European servers will receive an in-game gift in their mailbox, once they log in Allods, within the next 30 days.

In addition to all the changes featured by the expansion Volume 2: Rise of Goluxor, now the game gifts  EU players with this sweet candy but, in my opinion, what’s more important is what lies into the huge Volume 2 patch notes, explaining a very ambitious update to the game, with so many changes and improvements. If you’re curious about it, read the official full patch notes and you’ll understand what I mean.

A free-to-play MMO becomes more f2p: Allods Online.


  1. Never read such a false title in my whole life!! The only thing they give for free is some object from the cash shop after you have done some very boring quest. Those objects are in a ridicolous amount, the quest has a timer of 24 hours and what you get expires in 24 h. That quest cannot even be done by everybody because is for 11-40 lvl so the news is a complete fake!

  2. True! … If you want to play the game, you have to run like a moron for half an hour to get your “premium item” which is the Incense you need to get for your normal damage so you can play. And this is a daily issue. :))

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