Vindictus Comes Alive

No more testings into beta phases, avid gamers, Vindictus has come for real and officially. From now, you all can get into the “elegantly brutal” world of this free-to-play action MMO and I want to tell you it’s great to see the game releasing, after all this time following its development and telling you about it.

Vindictus offers a different version of the online gaming than the average MMO, pushing you towards endless action and brutal combats. You’ll be immersed in a hack-and-slash frenzy activity, but developing a character and even having access to crafting. I recommend to have a look at the awesome Video Tutorial section of the official website. There, you’ll have a good glimpse of the game style while you download the client, letting your excitement grow, so you’ll start the game with unparalleled levels of joy.

To start your adventure in Vindictus, go to the game’s site, where you can download the game, register and all the stuff you need. But before doing that, just have a look at the trailer again.

Vindictus has arrived. Now we all can turn ourselves into elegantly brutal players.


  1. Pretty game. Kinda fun if you’re fond of the console hack and slash… But this ain’t an MMO. By any stretch. Unless somehow a game mainly consiting of little more than randomized five player instances is now considered “massive”.

    Just saying.

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