Amazon Unleashes Summer Sale with F2P Store

Amazon, the long-time wallet killer of the Internet age, has become all the more deadly in recent years. The introduction of the dedicated Amazon Games section furthered the flurry of moths coming from my pocket. The advent of the Summer Sale by Steam, quickly copied by Amazon Games, was bad enough. Now the sales have entered this realm, the realm of MMOGs.

Amazon kicked off its summer sale this week. With it came the advent of the F2P store, allowing players to link game accounts with their Amazon account for special perks. The feature is a bit more cumbersome than our Item/Beta Key giveaway system, but no less effective. A few hoops of linking accounts between publisher and Amazon could score your upcoming character with exclusive items, in-game currency or unique titles.

Aside from being a glorified affiliate network, Amazon Games sells F2P packages too. Current deals include a free Age of Wulin (aka Age of Wushu) Stallion pack and the Tribes: Ascend Game of the Year pack for only $9.99.

The deals aren’t as fast and furious as Valve’s, but it’s a start.