End of Nations Returns to Alpha with MOBA Features

Earlier this week, we discussed the recent chapter to the growing End of Nations saga. Previously and MMORTS under development at Petroglyph Games, the title has been morphed into a tactical MOBA by now publisher/developed Trion Worlds. The revelation of the overhaul came with the promise of alpha testing starting this week. The company has remained true to its word.

The game remains heavily veiled under an NDA, but the alpha notices have provided a semblance of guidance on what to expect. Current End of Nations features include a revamped user interface, smaller, more MOBA-friendly teams, faster gameplay, slicker visuals and a further emphasis on commander abilities. Teams are currently limited from two to four commanders.

End of Nations alpha testing remains invite only. Beta testing is expected to begin later in the summer. You can apply for both from the official site.