And I’m Back: Seriously, Bags and Inventory Management!

I'll clean my room once I am done with this mess, Mom!

And I’m Back is a mini-series column dealing with the return to Azeroth after being away for so long. The series chronicles personal reactions to changes to discoveries and making the needed adjustments to the new Azeroth.

World of Warcraft came out in 2004. The world was pretty different then, especially the world of video games. Bush was President. The Eagles were a good team. Nintendo was in a rut and credit was free flowing. Blizzard has done a fantastic job keeping WoW fresh and up to date. Sure, expansions are slow, but content has been consistent. Technologies have been upgraded and system, both game and technical, have been overhauled. Repeatedly.

Yet most titles since 2004 have had better inventory management. It’s so bad in WoW that F2P games have done this seemingly simple, yet crucial, task far better since the guerrilla that is WoW was released. I didn’t retain a ridiculous amount of old junk in my bags for fun. I did it because it’s so difficult and time consuming to deal with.

What’s stopping Blizzard from addressing this travesty? Game systems have been redesigned for warlocks and hunters to address their inventory issue. Let’s do it for everyone now. I’m asking is for a few filters, a sort button, and a ‘Sell Trash’ button. Most of which are available in the form of add-ons. Easy peasy.

I hate cleaning my room. I despise having to clean my inventory in WoW.

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