Cryptic Studios Showcases Blackdagger Ruins & Vellosk

Cryptic Studios is starting the new year off right, showcasing Neverwinter. The upcoming F2P action-oriented MMORPG is approaching swiftly with on-going closed beta testing. But in case any of us forgot, Cryptic sent out a new batch of media featuring two of the title’s more important zones.

We’ve caught a glimpse of Blackdagger Ruins previously, thanks to the Blackdagger Keep trailer. This isn’t the first we’ve seen of Vellosk in Neverwinter either. The area of Vellosk is rooted in werewolf mythos, rather than the undead pirates of Blackdagger Keep. Considering the screenshots focus on battles with bosses, the trailers are definitely worth a gander for landscape and environmental impressions.

Check it all after the cut. Neverwinter is preparing for an early 2013 release.