Andy Velasquez On Neverwinter’s Progress, Lockboxes & Module 2

Is it still on me?

The fine folks over at Massively scored a lengthy and somewhat candid interview with our buddy Andy Velasquez. The lead producer of Neverwinter leads off that he plays on an unknown character for the sole purpose of not feeling special. The piece contains a ton of information on all aspects of the newish action-oriented MMORPG. From feedback reception and response to the Foundry, Module 1, those teasing lockboxes to the upcoming second content patch known as Module 2, it’s all there.

Personally, I found the admission that Cryptic Studios has been failing to correctly promote the Thursday bug fixes most interesting. In addition, perhaps even more than addition given Velasquez’s motive, the company will begin touting these important changes alongside sales and other more glamorous announcements.

Following that is the admission that the the sale of lockbox keys is a crucial item in the microtransaction store. One that never, ever goes away and multiplies like a thousand randy rabbits. Effectively, the risk for players to by chance “win” elusive items like a mount or companion is driving them to spend more on keys than outright buy the same item from the cash shop. I wonder what Jamie Madigan would posit on the topic.

Let’s ask him.

Seriously, if you’re a fan of Neverwinter and you’ve got 15 minutes to spend then this interview is well worth the time.