Latest WildStar DevSpeak Explains Ability Mechanics (Video)

Combat, it’s a pretty big deal in every single MMORPG. Ever. Not that I’m an omnipresent gamer to have played everything but I’m pretty comfortable making that blanket statement. As we’ve seen in our interviews, combat in WildStar is a wild ride. There’s attacking, dodging and damage mitigation. Usually, the attacks come as instants, a channeled ability or one that requires a casting time. Standard stuff, right?

Well, WildStar doesn’t like doing anything standard, combat included. Carbine Studios doesn’t enjoy lengthy, descriptive blog posts. That’s because it’s pretty darn good at cutting informative and funny vlogs. The discussions on combat and how we’ll be using abilities in the MMORPG is now different.

Casting timers, instants, channels, it all has its own Carbine Studios design spin. Check it out after the break.