ArcheAge: Auroria Now Live!

ScreenShot0250The title says it all! The much awaited end game expansion for ArcheAge, Auroria is now live!

New vehicles! New gliders! New monsters! New dungeon! New lands to claim! Guild warfare! Castles! So much goodness, all ready to be explored. The question is – will I finally get a house?

I’d really like to write a long detailed post about it, but a neck injury is preventing me from staying at the computer for too long. So hopefully I can satisfy simply by linking to the patch notes, the official release blog, ¬†and noting for those having difficulty logging in – for many, a restart of your computer will fix log in problems. That didn’t solve my issues, however flushing my dns did. For those willing to try it: simply open up cmd, and type ipconfig /flushdns.

To the right is a screenshot of the madness currently happening in Auroria. There are mass battles going on as guilds are banded together to try and claim land. I don’t think I’m going to get my farmhouse!

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