ArenaNet Begins Teasing Wintersday for Guild Wars 2 (Seasonal Event)

Winter is coming. Oh, wait, wrong intellectual property. It is true though, Wintersday 2012 is coming to Guild Wars 2 tomorrow, December 12, 2012 and ArenaNet has begun teasing the new activities. Unlike its older sibling, Guild Wars 2 is being graced with new activities, ones that have been largely kept secret, until now.

Players fond of quirky inventions should keep an eye out for Toymaker Tixx who will be traveling the lands to spread his wares. Oddly enough, the holiday cheer isn’t relegated to PvE interactions. ArenaNet posted a blog update that describes various changes that Wintersday will unlock for the PvPers.

For instance, Alt+F4 is no longer a safe escape, rather it’ll force instant death. Walls and gates will repair in a more normal fashion, not instantly. Lastly, the patch will usher in Breakout PvP events, triggered when one or more teams have been removed from the local battle.

Hit the jump for the first Wintersday 2012 trailer and a collection of teaser screens. Check out all the plans for Wintersday.