ARGO Online Launches in North America and Europe Today

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“The War for the Future has Begun”, says the official press release for ARGO Online‘s official release. Coming out of Munich, Germany, burda:ic has taken a fresh angle on the Steampunk genre by bringing it into the MMO environment. Success in both the closed and open beta testing phases have paved the way for a smooth and polished release (we hope).

The game will be released on the alaplaya platform, making it the ninth title to do so. Other popular titles include Land of Chaos Online (LOCO), S4 League, Florensia, and Forsakia. ARGO Online has launched in five languages in both Europe and North America.

Here’s a snippet from the game’s backstory:

Survivors of World War IV, a perilous and destructive conflict that brought the Earth to its knees, banded together and learned to survive in the harsh conditions that covered the planet. Over time, these inhabitants divided into two groups, the tech-savvy Noblian and the nature-loving Floresslah, each advocating their own method to reclaim the Earth. Divided by their differences, Noblian and Floresslah have now separated completely, each looking to control the planet’s ultimate resource: Earthdium. Only time will decide which side will prevail.

Click past the cut for a list of the game’s more prominent features…

  • Free to play, no monthly fees
  • Available in English, German, Italian, Spanish and French
  • Two unique races to choose from, each with 8 classes to select
  • Thousands of quests available with an immersive background story
  • Interactive map system for finding NPCs, quests, etc.
  • Wide variety of PvP modes, including PvP Field War (Resource War), PvP Battle Field (100 vs 100), and a PvP RTS mode
  • Open PvP zones and PvP dungeons
  • Crafting system with multiple upgrade options for items
  • Resource system (based on the mineral Earthdium) used to execute skills (flying, attack, defense)
  • Transportation systems that vary by race, including flying transport (Floresslah: animal mounts/Noblian: vehicles)
  • Integrated guild system
  • Auction house for trading items
  • Achievement system
  • Pet system with two completely different pet designs (animals and machines)



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