ARGO Online teaser site and trailer revealed

A teaser site for the upcoming Steampunk Fantasy MMORPG ARGO Online was announced by the online games publisher burda:ic. The teaser site offers us a look at the Noblian Faction with a cool trailer based on concept art of the game. The game, set to release as soon as spring 2011 in Europe and North America, will feature thousands of quests, PVP modes, a pet system, an auction system and unique professions, all of that wrapped with a thrilling story set in a vivid Steampunk themed world – what more can you ask for?

The story of ARGO Online takes place in a world demolished by war set in the 23rd century. From the ruins two opposing races set to reconstruct the world and rebuild civilization: the Noblian and the Floresslah. Each race has its own different take on how the world should be rebuilt, the Noblian believe in the future of technology whereas the Floresslah believe the key lies in nature. The game will offer us to take the role of eight different classes for each race: The Noblian faction will able to choose from Medic, Warrior, Paladin, Chaser, Guardian, Bomber, Explorer and Scholar as the Floresslah faction classes still remain unannounced.  With a wide range of classes , a captivating story and  the classic MMORPG features we all love, ARGO Online is definitely a title Steampunk and MMO fans would want to keep an eye out for.

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