For The Hoard 16: The Moonkin Hatchling and Lil’ Ragnaros

Straight from the Blizzard Pet Store, I take a quick look at the brand new Moonkin Hatchling and Lil’ Ragnaros Pets and add them to the For the Hoard archives. While I haven’t purchased either one (each $10), I found a couple of willing show-offs to help me cast the spotlight on these two uber-cute cuties. And we may even catch a glimpse of the new singing sweetie Sunflower pet… you’ll have to watch to find out!

So what do you think? Worth the price tag?


  1. As cool and Lil’ Ragnaros is, and as much as I would love a movable cooking fire, not a big fan of micro-transactions in games already pay for.

  2. Normally, I’d agree Baru, BUT when I think F2P and microtransgames, I think of things that actually benefit the character/player ingame; gear and leveling bonuses and such.

    These are merely pets which have no effect on game play. Plus the price really isn’t prohibitive, it’s a one time purchase for some really cool ‘fluff’. 50% of baby moonkin profits going to MAW isn’t a bad thing either to boot. I’ll be buying that one for myself as well as a couple of guildies for gifts.

  3. Few F2P games in the west actually give our gear for money. It’s a very common misconception – it’s true of games in the East, where many F2P titles started. What I’ve always feared, and continue to fear, is that, in this case, Blizzard will make the normal in-game pets crappy when compared to the paid-for pets. However, I don’t mind the tie in with the plushie, that’s a great idea IMO. You get an enjoyable physical item – my wyvern, gryphon and various murlocs guard my bed – that comes with an in-game bonus.

    Furthermore, these “microtransactions” of $15-$20 are ridiculous. It’s nearly half the cost of an expansion and almost a full month subscription! Too bad there’s no stopping it at this point.

  4. I’ve switched specs for speiifcc fights (like I went Demonology for Ragnaros since I wanted an extra stun), but I think the biggest change I made was going from my beloved Warlock to play Warrior tank halfway through Wrath when we lost our tank and couldn’t find a new one. We had plenty of dps, so I figured I’d leave my evil lock behind and help the guild out with tanking.That was a huge change for me. Not only did I go from ranged dps to a melee class, but I was now tanking! It took some getting used to, but I quite enjoyed it. I’m back to my Warlock these days though, because tanking was just a bit too stressful for me (the whole, make one mistake and you wipe the raid compared to make one mistake and you wipe yourself).

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