Asgard Introduced to Marvel Heroes, Loki Playable (Video)

Sticking to his “unofficial” declaration that Marvel Heroes v2.0 would be out around the time of the second Thor movie, David Brevik and the team at Gazillion Entertainment have made good. Late last week, the company hit the servers with content patch v2.0, the largest to date. In addition to the new Asgard zone and the God of Mischief Loki, the patch opens additional zones, missions, enemy types and costumes.

Effectively a digital expansion, v2.0 will be fully accessible after an in-game event to unlock the Bitfrost Bridge into Asgard. Doing so will grant access to Norway, and, eventually, the new player hub of Odin’s Palace. Last, but not least, players can now select from nine super personas to play from out of the gate, up from five.

Full patch notes available here with additional media for Chapter 9 after the cut.

Update: Now with the just-released trailer!