Everquest Next: Landmark Founder’s Packs Available

It’s the moment I’ve been waiting for …

Well, ok, the moment before the moment I’ve been waiting for… or maybe the moment before the moment before the moment, hah! I’m so excited I’m tripping over myself, so let’s get to the details!

But it’s time to pick up an Everquest Next: Landmark Founder’s Pack! As has become the norm with free-to-play Founder’s Packs, there are three levels; Settler, Explorer and Trailblazer, each with different entry prices and varying levels of perks.

The Settler Pack weighs in at $19.99.  It offers several items:

  • Unlimited Beta Access
  • The Settler Flag Item and Tradeskill Recipe
  • The Founder’s Pickaxe
  • Game and Forum Title: Founder

The Explorer Pack is $59.99, and provides all items from the Settler Pack, as well as:

  • Alpha Access
  • Explorer Flag Item and Tradeskill Recipe
  • Ring of Bounty – when equipped it gives a 10% bonus to resource gathering
  • MegaPocket – upgrades either personal inventory or vault
  • Courtier’s Regalia
  • Tech Sergeant’s Gear

And of course, there’s always a grand package! The Trailblazer Pack includes everything listed above, as well as:

  • Trailblazer Flag Item and Tradeskill Recipe
  • Mastercraft Bracer – increases the odds of mastercrafted items
  • Void Vault – item with unique appearance that allows access to universal vault
  • Noble’s Regalia
  • Tech Commander’s Gear
  • 4 Shareable Closed Beta Keys
  • Your Name in the EQNL credits

Purchasing the Trailblazer Pack before the beginning of closed beta will also net you early access to the beta forums, a Trailblazer title, and a potion that grants 20% increase to resource gathering.

Another exciting thing about this is that there is finally date! It looks like Alpha access will be granted February 28th, and Closed Beta on March 31st. It’s later than the “this year” that had been announced, but did anyone actually expect EQNL to be out this year? I know I’ve been waiting for a delay announcement…  for more details, watch Terry Michaels introduce the 3 packs.



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