Cataclysm Countdown: The Elemental Plane is Falling! [Contest]

Missed BlizzCon this year? Didn’t buy your ticket in time for the epic loot you get? Then I’ve got what you need!

All you need to do, Lore Hounds is this:

  • Find at least 5 Easter Eggs. You know we’ve got them. We know we’ve got them. We know, you know, we know we’ve got them. Find ‘em. They may be in a video, posts (as references and tags), or elsewhere. They may be intentional, or sometimes even unintended. If you think it’s an Easter Egg, chances are it will count. Good luck.
  • Follow @LoreHound on twitter (if you are not doing so already!)
  • Complete the Trivia Questionnaire below and score a minimum of 9/10.

This time, the loot at stake is a barely-touched Dethling Statuette – priced at around $50 – and the BlizzCon 2010 Exclusive Limited Edition Authenticator.

You have until Wednesday, November 24th to submit your entry. Click through for the details and questionnaire.

Question 1: As of posting this, how many blog posts have been posted on the site?

A. 400

B. 624

C. 571

D. 534

Question 2: What is the current Horde:Alliance Count between the Lore Hound Crew?

A. 3:4

B. 4:4

C. 5:5

D. 5:3

Question 3: What is the persona given to Juggynaut?

A. A squirrel

B. The Upside-down Assassin’s Creed Emblem

C. An immortal Old God

D. A mystical Audio Box

Question 4: To date, how many official Lore Hound videos have been uploaded and posted?

A. 5

B. 93

C. 112

D. 86

Question 5: Where have 3 out of the 5 Original Lore Hounds received Higher Education from?

A. ASU – Arizona State University

B. UAT – University of Advancing Technology

C. PSU – Pennsylvania State University

D. UF – University of Florida

Question 6: With all of the Lore Hound Crew being scattered across the plains, who lives the farthest from the rest?

A. Mordil

B. pixiestixy

C. Kershocker

D. Juggynaut

Question 7: What does Lore Hound cover in the gaming industry?

A. Anything — we just make it up as we go along, bending definitions to fit our agenda

B. World of Warcraft — in shadow of Project Lore

C. All MMOs ranging from World of Warcraft to Global Agenda

D. MMOs and Hand-Held games

Question 8:What is the World of Warcraft class of choice of  more than half the Lore Hound Crew?

A. Shaman

B. Rogue

C. Warrior

D. Mage

Question 9: What is the current main struggle of many of the Lore Hound Crew?

A. No money

B. Relationships

C. Internet Connections

D. Choosing how to spend our time

Question 10: This year, what conventions have we covered?

A. PAX East, E3, PAX Prime, BlizzCon, and NYCC

B. PAX East, PAX Prime, BlizzCon, and E3

C. Star Wars Con, BlizzCon, Star Trek Con, E3, PAX Prime

D. BlizzCon, Star Trek Con, PAX East, and ECCC

All entries are to be e-mailed to:


Your entry should contain a list of (at least) all 5 Easter eggs, and where you found them, along with your @name on Twitter, and your answers to all 10 questions above.

Good luck, and Godspeed to all.

The end is near… The Destroyer has come to reap his revenge upon us mortals. We can only bide our time. In the end, we shall all die. There is no escape from… the Cataclsym!


  1. I was wondering, could you perhaps say what qualifies as an Easter Egg? Sorry that it’s probably really obvious and I’m just being really slow but it would help :/

  2. From

    Easter Egg: A hidden item placed in a movie, television show, or otherwise visual media for close watchers. Originates from the the 1975 movie “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” when the cast had an Easter Egg hunt but most of the eggs went unfound. They can be seen throughout the film in various locations (such as under Frank N. Furter’s throne).

    In this case, we’re not talking about actual eggs that are hidden in the site. Instead, look for anything hidden within text, videos, links, tags, or basically anything else on the site that contains something more than the casual reader may see on initial glance.

    Hope this helps :). Mordil may with to further expand.

  3. Really, the hardest part is the questionnaire.

    Then again, I did DESIGN the contest, so there is a bit of bias…

    And as stated, if you think it’ll count — it probably will.

    Look for subtle changes and differences in things of the BlizzCon Podcasts, mark down analogy’s used in posts, misspelling’s / wrong image used in reference, or even something that is said in a chat log!

    Get creative. I may count it even if it’s something WAY out there.

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