Batman Villains Poison Ivy & Gaslight Catwomen Join Infinite Crisis

The reveals just keeps coming for Infinite Crisis. Just a scant few days after the reveal of the multitude of Wonder Womens to be made available in the multiverse Turbine Entertainment returns to the universe of Batman to reveal a pair of his leading ladies. Your standard Poison Ivy and Gaslight Catwomen will be joining the roster of the upcoming F2P DC Comics MOBA.

Oh, and let’s not forget that other bit of big news from this week, closed beta! Turbine Entertainment announced that the title will be heading to its closed beta testing phase next Wednesday, May 8. Interested parties (everyone?!) can sign up at the official website.

Poison Ivy is a hybrid character capable of providing dedicated support through healing and speed buffs to allies and debuffs to foes, or a vicious AoE damage dealer capable of keeping target’s within her pain range. The former thief from steampunk Gotham, Gastlight Catwoman is a melee assassin that relies on stealth. She may sound a lot like Nightmare Batman, but the feline friend has her own twist.

Past the cut are the trailers for the two loveliest ladies of the Batman universe.

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  1. You know, once you start playing a few MOBA’s you can really see the similarities between them.

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