Bigpoint Launches SciFi MMO DarkOribit Reloaded (Video)

The astute reader that you are probably realizes that DarkOrbit Reloaded is not the first in the series. In fact, its marketed as the sequel to DarkOrbit, developed and published by Bigpoint as an “epic sci-fi” game featuring strategic “breadth and depth.” Of course, now that the browser-based game is out in the wild, you yourself can be the judge of such things!

The sequel features all the expected fixings, new maps, faction characters, a retailored user interface and high-res graphics make it an enticing switch from the original. The dev/pub hopes to lore new players with a new tutorial and assorted bonuses. Naturally, the true gift is being able to destroy various mega-corporations in the game.

If you’re a space or sci-fi strategy junkie yet still not convinced then I strongly suggest you check out the short trailer after the cut. It’s less than a minute and I’m absolutely positive you’ve spent more time on dumber things, like the last Super Bowl.