WSJ Reports Hundreds of Layoffs at Disney Interactive

Disney Interactive saw an instant restructuring after it purchased the parent companies of the Star Wars intellectual property. Not a bad buy, even if it made Leia Organa a Disney Princess. Drumming down redundancies created by the purchase of LucasArts, LucasFilms, etc wasn’t the end according to the new report. Beginning next Thursday, the massive media company expects to lay off “several hundred people.”

The video game division of Disney Interactive is 3,000 strong, meaning it will likely affect quite a few of the internal divisions. WSJ believes the majority will be at social-gaming specialist Playdom, which has been in the fold since 2010. This also follows after the semi-recent shutdown of the Toontown and Pirates of the Caribbean Online communities and SOE closing Clone Wars Adventures. Perhaps that outsourced Marvel MOBA will fair better.

All this despite the rapid success of Disney Infinity enabling the division to post a quarterly profit last quarter. The division is also home to the company’s mobile development.