Bigpoint’s Drakensang Online Live!

The developer/publisher may have just dumped its mobile division, but the free-to-play specialist just keeps on rolling. Just days after unveiling the highly-anticipated Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms trailer, Bigpoint has moved its online hack-n-slash MMORPG Drakensang Online out of open beta and into a live environment. With over nine million registered players and nearly a year of beta testing, Drakensang Online has had one of the most thorough testings of any recent MMORPG, free or otherwise.

Bigpoint didn’t just pull the trigger or fire up a new server. No, that wouldn’t do. The company unleashed a massive content update, dubbed Atlantis, to draw in the other 6.99 billion people on Earth.

Hit the jump to experience the official launch trailer, complete with details on Atlantis, its new massive mobs and other features of the title.